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A Melbourne comedy podcast that stares too hard at everyday life.

Nominated ‘Best Comedy‘ at the Australian Podcast Awards 2018 & 2019

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021

We are performing 2 live shows of our podcast at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April 2021. We will be at Comedy Republic on April 11 and 18 (both 1pm). Since the festival’s cancellation last year, we have been itching to get back in front of a live audience and can’t wait to see you all. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Click HERE to purchase yours now! 

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Christian, Dion and Josh answer the questions you’ve always thought about but never asked. How long should you keep a birthday card for? How much underwear should you pack for a holiday? Should cups be stored upside down or right way up? How many chips should you take from a packet offered to you? 

By dissecting everyday life through a mix of observational debate, improvised sketches and stories from their past, the Welcome to Patchwork hosts reveal painfully funny chapters in their lives, often descending into hilarious disagreements.

They’re more concerned with the crumbs than the cookie.

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Three Old Friends...

Christian Pisasale​


Christian is the cute one. He’s everything you want in a podcast host. Polite, round, tanned and emotionally needy. His passions include owning a self-storage business and having poor control of his bowels.

Dion Factor


Dion is primarily a rooibos tea hater. He’s known for his messy car, love of ice cold water and can be regularly heard yelling abuse at his Google Home. He loves calling out Josh for how he interacts with retail staff and his favourite jacket brand is Jack London.

Joshua Porter​


Josh is a reformed long haired woman who also identifies as a computer boy. The two highlights of his regular life are his weekly netball match and a nightly packet of Cheddar Shapes. Josh is always ready with a smile and friendly quip for retail staff.

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